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Santa Clara Libre Hotel
Santa Clara Libre Hotel
Santa Clara, Villa Clara
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  A monument for a man of action


In Santa Clara , in the center of the island, we can find the solemn ‘Conjunto Escultórico Monumentario’ (a group of sculptural monuments) where the remains of the Heroic Guerrilla and his comrades dead in the Bolivian Guerrilla are found.
On October 17 th, 1997 , Che’s remains where placed there. It is the same city where he proved his abilities in the struggle against Batista’s tyranny. It is the same city that always embraced him as a son. This group of monuments is located in a zone that will become the center of the city in the future, on the Avenue de los desfiles which goes beyond Rafael Trista Street up to the Circunvalación and Los Caneyes Avenue .
The magnificent work began to be erected on June 14 th, 1987 . The builders and the people worked almost half a million hours to end it in little more than a year.
The square, the floor, the museum, and Che’s monument were opened to the public on December 28 th, 1988 during the celebration of the 30 th anniversary of the Battle of Santa Clara.
Jorge Cao Campos’s project counted with the sculptor José de Lázaro (Delarra), who conceived the erect statue of Che with 6,80 meters high and 20 tons weight. The architect Blanca Hernández designed the museum and the museography was in charge of the architect José Ramon Linares while the museology was in charge of the specialists from the Revolution museum as well as the specialists of Commander Ernesto Guevara Museum . The area encircles 17,556 m2. It can gather 80000 people. By the end of this area, two fountains symbolise the star of the rank of the immortal Commander. During the solemn ceremony when Che’s remains returned to Santa Clara forever, Fidel declared:

How could he be under a grave?

How could this square be enough for him?

How could he only be in our lovely, but small island?

Then he said:”Only in the world he dreamed about, for which he lived and he fought, there is enough space for him.

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